Unicoeye: up to 80% OFF on Coloured Contact Lenses

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Explore Unicoeuye’s coloured contact lenses and find the perfect pair for you. Magically, change your eye colour with comfort and style! Get up to 80% Off!


Transform Your Look with Unicoeye’s Coloured Contact Lenses!

Buy your favourite Unicoeye’s pair of Coloured contact lenses and get up to 80% Off. Choose from a variety of shades: from natural browns and blues to exotic greens and greys, find the perfect colour to enhance or completely change your eye colour.

Whether you prefer a subtle enhancement or a dramatic change, there’s a lens for every style.  Coloured contact lenses are also perfect for costumes, cosplay, or just a unique look,  adding an extra flair to your appearance.

Types of Coloured Contact Lenses you can choose from:

  1. Enhancement Tints:
    • Purpose: To enhance your natural eye colour.
    • Best For: Light-coloured eyes looking for a subtle change.
    • Shades: Light blue, green, and gray.
  2. Opaque Tints:
    • Purpose: To completely change your eye colour.
    • Best For: Dark eyes needing a noticeable transformation.
    • Shades: Blue, green, hazel, brown, and gray.

Unicoeye’s Coloured Contact Lenses offer:

  • Versatility: Suitable for both prescription and non-prescription needs.
  • Comfort: Made from high-quality, breathable materials for all-day comfort
  • Safety: FDA approved and safe to use when handled and stored properly. Furthermore, they are made of non-ionic material which, makes them soft and prevents protein precipitation.  They contain 38% water so they can be easily worn, they will keep your eye hydrated, making them suitable for long-term wear. The special Sandwich Technology prevents the pigment layer from touching your cornea directly.

Coloured Contact Lenses Sale:

  • Any  six pairs for $39
  • Any eight pairs for $59

How to Choose the Right Coloured Lenses:

  1. Determine Your Skin Tone:
    • Cool Tones: Best with cool colours like blue, gray, or green.
    • Warm Tones: Complementary with warm colours like hazel, brown, or honey.
  2. Consider Your Natural Eye Colour:
    • Light Eyes: Enhance with lighter or vibrant shades.
    • Dark Eyes: Opt for opaque lenses for a more noticeable change.
  3. Purpose of Use:
    • Daily Wear: Choose natural shades for a subtle change.
    • Special Occasions: Explore bold colours or special effects for a dramatic impact.

Safety Tips:

  • Consult an Eye Care Professional: Always get a prescription, even for non-corrective lenses.
  • Follow Care Instructions: Clean and store lenses properly to avoid infections.
  • Replace as Recommended: Adhere to the replacement schedule to maintain eye health.

Shop Now and Transform Your Look!

Explore Unicoeuye’s extensive collection of coloured contact lenses and find the perfect pair for you. Don’t miss out on our limited-time sale and experience the magic of changing your eye colour with comfort and style!


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